3rd International Conference
on Islamic Business (ICIB)
February 10-11, 2014

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  • Islamic Finance provides solution for the Current Financial Crisis
  • Islamic Financial Architecture: Development and Challenges
  • Development of Structured Islamic Finance Products: Likelihood of Convergence with Conventional Finance
  • The basis and procedures of Money and Credit creation in the Framework of Islamic Finance
  • Current Islamic Banking Paradigm: Is it Sustainable?
  • Legal & Sharia Compliance Issues in Sukuk
  • Challenges of Transforming Riba Based Debt to Shariah Compliant Instruments in Pakistan
  • Accounting in Islamic Finance: Need or Formality
  • Potential of Waqf for Socio-economic Development and Poverty Alleviation
  • Possible Role of IFIs in Micro sector and SMEs’ Financing
  • Achieving Socio Economic Objectives in Islamic Banking Frameworks
  • Microcredit using Equity Financing: an Alternate Approach to Micro Financing in an Interest Free Economy
  • Shariah Governance Framework for IFIs - Raising Shariah Competency to the a Next Level
  • Use of Heyal in Contemporary Islamic Finance and its Shariah Position
  • Restructuring Islamic Finance Facilities
  • Regulatory and Supervisory Framework of Islamic Banking In Pakistan: Current Status and issues
  • Legal and Shariah Compliance issues of Sukuk Issued in various Jurisdictions
  • Use of W’ad and Tawarruq for Swaps in the framework of Islamic Finance
  • Sharing Islamic Banking Experiences
  • How Islamic Banks are facilitating Housing Sector in Pakistan
  • NPL: Loopholes in the Procedures of Banking Institutions- At Cross road to Article 2 of Pakistan’s Constitution and the Tenets of Islam
  • A framework for sharing Business Profit for IFIs under Musharaka and Mudaraba Contracts

Papers for Islamic Business and Finance Conference


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